Adding or Editing an Address Book Entry

When you add or edit an address book entry, you provide basic information to identify the entry, then you optionally provide speech recognition information.

Note: When you need to add a large number of address book entries, you can save time by importing them directly from CSV files to the Vocera database. See Importing Data from a CSV File.

The Add/Edit Entry dialog box provides two pages where you can enter information: the Entry Information page and the Speech Recognition page.

To add or edit an address book entry:

  1. Click Address Book in the navigation bar.
  2. Click Add New Entry to add a new entry, or choose a name from the list and click Edit Entry to edit an existing site.

    The Add/Edit Entry dialog box appears.

    The Search for Entry option can help you find a name quickly. As you type a name, Search for Entry finds the closest match in the list.

  3. Enter basic information in the Entry Information page.
  4. (Optional) Enter speech recognition information in the Speech Recognition page.
  5. Save your address book entry in either of the following ways:
    • Click Save to save the entry and return to the Add, Edit, and Delete Entries page.
    • Click Save & Continue to save the entry and begin entering a new address book entry.