Basic Entry Info

Use the Entry Information page (or the corresponding fields in the data-loading template) to provide basic information about a specified address book entry. The Entry Information page includes the following fields:

Table 1. Address book information fields
Field Maximum Length Description

Entry Type


Use the Entry Type radio buttons to identify the type of entry you are adding to the address book:

  • Choose Person to specify that the contact information you are providing is for an individual.

  • Choose Place to specify that the contact information you are providing is for a place.

Note: This field does not appear in the Address Book data-loading template. In the template, you implicitly specify the entry type as a person by providing a value in the First Name column or as a place by leaving the First Name column blank.

First Name, Last Name, Name


Provide a name for the address book entry as follows:

  • If you are entering contact information for a person, use the First Name and Last Name fields to specify the full name of the individual.

  • If you are entering contact information for a place, use the Name field in the Add/Edit dialog box (called Last Name or Place Name in the Address Book data-loading template) to specify the name of the organization or place.

The name must start with a letter or digit. It must contain only letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes ('), underscores (_), or dashes (-). No other characters are allowed.

By default, the speech recognition system uses the name you enter to recognize address book entries. If users refer to an address book entry by something other than the name you enter here, provide an Alternate Spoken Name in the Speech Recognition tab.



Optionally provide a phone number for the person or place in the Phone field.



Optionally provide a pager number for the person or place in the Pager field.

If you enter a value for this field, any user can issue the “Send a page” voice command to send a numeric page to this address book entry; when the recipient returns the call, it is connected directly to the user's badge.

To identify this pager as a Vocera Messaging Platform pager number, prefix the number with a "w".

Email Address


Optionally enter an Email Address to allow users to send voice messages as an email attachment.

Note: You must also configure the settings on the Email page of the Administration Console to enable this feature.



Use the Site field to specify the home site for the address book. In the Add/Edit Entry dialog box, click the Select button to open the Select Site dialog box, then choose a name from the list and click Finish.

  • If your organization has multiple sites connected to the same Vocera server, choose the home site where users need to access this address book entry. If the entire organization uses this entry, choose Global .

  • If your organization does not have multiple sites, accept the default Global setting. When working in the data-loading template, leave this field blank to accept Global .