Using the Address Book

The address book is a convenient way for badge users to contact places and people who are not badge users. For example, if people in your organization frequently need to contact local businesses, you can enter the business names and nicknames in the address book. Then, getting a price quotation from Northwestern Hardware can be as simple as using the badge to say “Call Northwestern.”

The distinction between whether a name is maintained in the address book or in the directory is usually transparent to badge users. In either situation, badge users can simply say “Call Michelle Spangler” to reach the person to whom they want to speak.

Address book entries are available to anyone who has access to the Vocera system; they do not require permissions. For example, a user does not need the Call Toll Numbers permission to call an address book entry that you define with a toll phone number.

Incoming phone calls from outside the Vocera system that reach the Genie prompt (“Please say the name of the group or person you want to reach”) can ask for an address book entry also.