Speech Recognition

Use the Speech Recognition page (or the corresponding fields in the data-loading template) to provide alternate spoken names, phonetic spellings, or additional identifying information so the speech recognition software can recognize variations of a name. The Speech Recognition page includes the following fields:

Table 1. Speech recognition fields
Field Maximum Length Description

Alternate Spoken Names


Optionally use the Alternate Spoken Names fields to enter variations of the name in your address book.

The name must start with a letter or digit. It must contain only letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes ('), underscores (_), or dashes (-). No other characters are allowed.

  • If users refer to a person or place in various ways, enter each variation in a different field.

    For example, enter Bob Jones and Rob Jones in addition to Robert Jones . Similarly, enter a nickname that the person or place is known by, such as Skip Jones .

  • If people use an acronym or initials to refer to an address book entry, provide them as a series of letters separated by spaces.

    For example, if users refer to Easton Medical Clinic as EMH, enter E M H . Similarly, enter A C Hoyle for A.C. Hoyle.

  • If a name has an unusual or confusing pronunciation, enter a name that is spelled as it is pronounced.

    For example, if the system does not recognize the name Jodie Dougherty , you could enter Jodie Dockerty .

  • If users refer to a person by his or her title, provide the full spelling of the title.

    For example, enter Father Brown instead of Fr. Brown .

Identifying Phrase


Optionally use the Identifying Phrase field to enter a description that distinguishes a person or place from another whose name is spelled the same.

For example, if there are two Mary Hills on the system, but one is on the third floor and the other is on the first floor, you might enter Mary Hill in the Main Cafeteria as the Identifying Phrase for one user and Mary Hill in the North Wing Cafeteria for the other.

As a result, when callers ask for Mary Hill, the Genie prompts them, “Do you mean Mary Hill in the Main Cafeteria?” If the caller says “no,” the Genie then prompts, “Do you mean Mary Hill in the North Wing Cafeteria?”