Importing Data from a CSV File

When you enter data through the Administration Console, you use one of the Add dialog boxes to specify all the related information for a single entry. For example, to create a new user, you use the fields and tabs in the Add New User dialog box to provide user information, speech recognition, group membership data, and so forth.

If you need to enter a large amount of the same kind of data at a single time, however, it is faster to import it from a specially formatted CSV (comma separated value) file. For example, when you first load the Vocera database, it is often faster to import data for all your users from a single CSV file, rather than to create each user individually in the Administration Console.

Note: The Vocera Voice Server supports CSV files up to 1 MB in size. If a CSV file that you want to import is larger than 1 MB, break it up into multiple files.

A CSV file lets you specify most of the information you can enter when you create an entry in the Administration Console. Each line in a CSV file represents a separate database entry. Within each line, commas separate the values that qualify the entry.

For example, each line in the CSV file you use to import user data represents a single user. Within each line, commas separate the values that you would enter in the fields and tabs of the Add New User dialog box.