About the Templates

The installation program provides templates that you use to create CSV files in the \vocera\samples directory of the Vocera server computer. The templates are in Microsoft Excel format. Use these templates to enter the data you want to load, then save them in CSV format.

The following table lists the templates in the \vocera\samples directory:
Table 1. Import templates
Type of Data Template
Sites sites-template.xls
Groups groups-template.xls
Users users-template.xls
Group Members groupmembers-template.xls
Address Book Entries addresses-template.xls
Locations locations-template.xls
Access Points accesspoints-template.xls
Devices devices-template.xls

If you are loading all your data from spreadsheets, you must use the spreadsheets in the order shown in the above table. The data in the later spreadsheets has dependencies on the data you load earlier, and it may fail to load if you do not follow this sequence.

When you import Vocera groups, DO NOT import the Forwarding field in the first pass.
Note: Vocera supports numeric values that begin with zero such as 01234 in name fields. However, Excel strips initial zeros from numeric values without warning. If you want to use numeric values that begin with zero in name fields, do not use Excel to edit your .csv files. Instead, use a different spreadsheet program, such as OpenOffice Calc (http://www.openoffice.org/).