Outgoing Mail Settings

Outgoing mail includes:

Important: You must specify recipients for outgoing email on the Alerts page of the Email screen. See Configuring Alerts Settings.
Table 1. Outgoing mail settings


Maximum Length




Enter the name of the server used for outgoing mail in the SMTP Host field. For example: mail.yourcompany.com. If you do not enter a value in this field, Vocera uses the value of the Mail Host field. See Configuring Host Info Settings.

SMTP User Name


Enter the user name or address used to login to the outgoing mail server in the SMTP User Name field. Enter a value in this field only if it is different from the Vocera Mailbox Login ID value in the Incoming Mail Settings.

The SMTP User Name will be different from the Vocera Mailbox Login ID only if your mail service provider requires different user names for sending and receiving mail.



Enter the Password only if it is different from the value in the Password field in Incoming Mail Settings. If you enter a password, enter it again in the Re-enter Password field to ensure that you typed it correctly.

Enable SMTP Authentication


Check Enable SMTP Authentication if your mail server requires its subscribers to provide authentication when sending an email message.

Test Outgoing Settings


Click Test Outgoing Settings to send a test message to the specified default alert recipient. After you click Test Outgoing Settings, a dialog box appears saying whether the email test was successful.

To configure outgoing mail settings:

  1. Click Email in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Mailbox tab.
  3. Enter information for your outgoing mail server.
  4. Click Save Changes.