Group Members

The Members page of the Add/Edit Group dialog box lets you add members to and remove members from a group. You can also make group membership temporary, and change the order in which group members are called when you use sequential scheduling.

If you are working with the data-loading templates, you can perform these same tasks as follows:

Note: You cannot add members to or remove members from the built-in Everyone group. The Vocera server maintains membership in the Everyone group automatically.

For convenience, you can also add an individual to a group when you create or edit user information.

Table 1. Group member fields



Group Member Name

Manage membership in any of the following ways:

  • To add members, click Add Name, select the name or names from the list that appears, and then click Finish.

    The names appear in the Group Member Name list.

  • To change the order of a name, select it in the list and click Move Up or Move Down.

    The ordering of names matters only if sequential scheduling is selected for Scheduling Options on the Info tab.

  • To remove a member from the list, select it and click Delete Name.

Note: This field does not appear in the Groups data-loading template. Use Group Members template to assign members to group and to specify the order of members.

Remove Users on Logout

Check to specify that membership in the group is temporary.

When you check this field, Vocera automatically removes users from the group when they log out, but leaves the rest of the user profile in the database. Users are not added into the group automatically when they log back in.

Important: Users are only removed from the group when they log out. Keep in mind that users may place badges in the charger or simply leave the site without logging out when their shifts end. To accommodate this behavior, consider setting the following options to log users out automatically:

  • Enable the Auto Logout When Badge In Charger setting.

  • Check the Enable Auto-Logout Period setting.

If you are working in the Groups data-loading template, specify either True or False. If you do not provide a value, False is assumed.