The Group Conference

The Conference page of the Add/Edit Group dialog box lets you maintain the list of users who are in the conference with the same name as the group.

You cannot actually add a group to a conference, but you can add all its members to the conference. Specifically, if you select a group when you populate a conference, you add only those users who are group members at that time to the conference—the conference does not reflect the dynamic membership of the group.

For example, if Lola Pergasz and Graden Close are members of the Clerks group at the time you add it to the Sales conference, they are both placed in the Sales conference. However, if Graden later leaves the Clerks group, he is not automatically removed from the Sales conference. Similarly, if Mariah Delaney later joins the Clerks group, she is not automatically added to the Sales conference.

Adding group members to a conference is only a convenience. Vocera distinguishes between group members and conference users because an individual can be a member of multiple groups, but that same person can be in only one conference at any time.

To specify the conference users:

  1. Click Groups in the navigation bar.
  2. Click Add Name on the Conference page, select the users from the list that appears, and then click Finish.
    Note: If you add the members of a group to the conference, the Conference Users list displays the names of all the users who are members of the group at that time, not the name of the group.
    The Conference page displays the names you selected in the Conference Users list.
  3. To remove users from the list, select their names and click Delete Name.
  4. Do any of the following:
    • Click Save to create the group, close the Add New Group dialog box, and return to the Add, Edit, and Delete Groups page.

    • Click Save & Continue to create the group and leave the Add New Group dialog box open to create another group.

    • Click another tab in the Add New Group dialog box to enter additional group information.