Recording a Name for a Group

When the Genie interacts with users, it often speaks the name of a group. For example, the Genie speaks the name of a group or the singular member name when it prompts users who call the group to leave a message for group members. The Genie can synthesize name prompts for a group. However, if you record name prompts yourself, the Genie can use them to provide more natural sounding speech and to avoid mispronunciations.

Note: If multiple sites, users, groups, locations, and address book entries have the same name or alternate spoken name, you can record a name prompt for only one of them.

To record a name for a group:

  1. Log in on a badge as a user with system administration privileges or as a member of a group with management permission for this group. See Group Device Managers and Permissions for Administrators.
  2. Press the Call button, wait for the Genie to answer, and then say, “Record a name for group name.” (For example, “Record a name for Nursing.”)
    The Genie will prompt you to record variations of the group name.