Using the Permission Browser

The Permission Browser is a tool that allows system administrators to browse a user's or group's hierarchy of group memberships to identify the status of revoked or granted permissions. The Permission Browser can help you quickly identify how a user has been granted or revoked a particular permission by stepping through the groups to which a user belongs. You can also use the Permission Browser to modify the permissions of groups, or compare permissions of one user or group with another.

If the Vocera Voice Server has enabled SSL, you may need to update Internet Explorer security settings before you can use the Permission Browser. See Updating Browser Security Settings for SSL Access.

Note: The Permission Browser is available only to users with system admnistration privileges. If you log into the Administration Console as a user without system administration privileges, the Permission Browser tab is not visible.

To browse the permissions for a user or group:

  1. Log into the Administration Console as a user with system administration privileges. See Permissions for Administrators for details.
  2. Click Groups in the navigation bar.
  3. Select the Permission Browser tab to display the Permission Browser page.
  4. Under the Membership Hierarchy Browser list, click Add Name. The Select User Or Group dialog box appears.
  5. Select a user or group, and then click Finish.
    Note: You can search for the name of a user or group. You can also filter the list by site.
  6. Navigate the group hierarchy.
    1. Click Closed Folder to open a group hierarchy.

    2. Click Open Folder to close a group hierarchy.

    Tip: The Membership Hierarchy Browser list displays the group hierarchy in reverse order. In other words, parent groups are shown below their children.
  7. As you click groups to step through the hierarchy, the Permissions List is updated to show the permissions for the selected group.
  8. To modify a permission for a group:
    1. Select a permission in the Permissions List.

    2. Click Grant to grant the permission or Revoke to revoke it. Click Clear to remove the granted or revoked status.

    3. Click Save to save the change.

Note: Although the Permission Browser allows you to modify a group's permissions, it does not let you change its membership. If you would rather change the group's membership, see Adding or Editing a Group.