About Call Forwarding

The groups you set up determine the call forwarding that is possible within your organization. When you create or modify a group, you can specify any of the following call forwarding options:

The forwarding option you choose determines the action Vocera takes when no member of a group is available to receive a call.

For example, suppose a call—either an internal call from a badge, or an external call, when telephony is enabled—is directed to the Plumbing group in a retail store. If no one in the Plumbing group is available, you may want to forward the call to the Hardware group. Similarly, if no one in Hardware is available, you may want to forward the call to a general group that is always available, such as Customer Support.

Do not confuse the call forwarding options you can specify for a group with the call forwarding options an individual user can specify. Call forwarding for a group determines the call flow through an entire organization; call forwarding for an individual user is more of a courtesy or convenience.

Call forwarding for a group occurs only when a call is directed to a group (“Call Plumbing”), not to one of its members (“Call Roberta Verdi”). If Roberta Verdi is a member of Plumbing, calls that are placed directly to her are not forwarded to Hardware—her own calls are forwarded according to the options she specifies through voice commands or the User Console. Similarly, when a call is placed to a group, the group properties determine where the call is forwarded, and the forwarding options specified by individual users are ignored.

You can configure Vocera to forward a group’s calls to a pager. For example, you may have a “Doctor on call” group that frequently needs calls forwarded to a pager. In this situation, enter a pager number in the Pager field on the Info page of the Add/Edit Group dialog box, and forward the group’s calls to the pager.

In addition, you can enable a group forwarding to send calls to a group member who is off-network so that on-call users can receive their calls off-campus or in other off-network environments. If this option is selected, Vocera sends the call to a device that is not in-network or off-campus using the forwarding behavior configured in the Vocera User Console for that user.