Using Numeric Values in Names

Because Vocera supports numeric and mixed alphanumeric values in name fields, you can create address book entries such as "911" or group names such as "Room 299".

Vocera supports the full range of common number pronunciations. For example, users can pronounce "Room 299" as either "Room Two Nine Nine", "Room Two Ninety Nine", or as "Room Two Hundred Ninety Nine" without creating alternate spoken names.

Previous versions of Vocera required you to spell any numbers that appeared in name fields. For example, you needed to enter names in the above example as "Nine One One" and "Room Two Nine Nine". These phonetic spellings limit users to a single pronunciation unless you provide alternate spoken names, which can be time consuming to enter and maintain. If you are using spelled numbers in a name field, consider converting them to numeric values for ease of maintenance and improved speech recognition.

Vocera supports the number pronunciations that are appropriate for different locales. For example, if you are using the UK locale, users can pronounce "7007" as "Seven Double Oh Seven", "Seven Double Naught Seven", "Seven Oh Oh Seven", and so forth.