Entering Spoken Names

As you create users, groups, and other entries in the Administration Console or the User Console, Vocera requires you to provide names.

These names are more than just a tag to let you visually identify an entry when you are using one of the consoles#mdash;they are words users can speak when placing calls, and they are words that the Genie speaks in interactions with badge users. Because all Vocera names have speech recognition consequences, the exact way you enter them in the console is very important.

The following table lists all the name fields in Vocera:

Table 1. Spoken name fields

Dialog Box

Name Fields

Add/Edit Site

  • Site Name
  • Alternate Spoken Site Name

Add/Edit User

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Alternate Spoken Names
  • Identifying Phrase

Add/Edit Group

  • Group Name
  • Member Name - Singular
  • Member Name - Plural
  • Alternate Spoken Group Name

Add/Edit Location

  • Location Name
  • Alternate Spoken Location Name

Add/Edit Address Book Entry

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Name
  • Alternate Spoken Names
  • Identifying Phrase

The rest of this appendix shows you how to use these name fields to create spoken names that are intuitive and meaningful for users.