A buddy is someone you can call by using a nickname in a voice command, or a friend who is not in the Vocera system. You can assign a special ring tone to each buddy, and you can give buddies VIP status.

VIP status means that calls will be put through even if you blocked all calls or put the badge into Do Not Disturb mode. If one of these conditions is in force, the Genie asks the buddy if the call is urgent. If the buddy says “Yes,” the Genie puts the call through.

There are two types of buddies: outside buddies and inside buddies. An outside buddy is one you contact only by calling a telephone from your badge, or by sending email messages from your badge to an email account. An inside buddy is another badge user, a group, or an address book entry. You contact an inside buddy the same way you contact anyone with the badge.

Important: The system administrator must grant you permission to place phone calls. In addition, you can call a phone number only if the Vocera system has been integrated with the telephone system.