Choosing Between Vocera Extensions, Desk Phones, or Dynamic Extensions

Each user can be configured to use one of the following phone numbers to route outside calls and calls made from the smartphone keypad to their Vocera device:

Both the Vocera Extension and Desk Phone or Extension fields can be filled in, but the Vocera Extension field takes precedence for direct dialing, paging callbacks, and Vocera hunt number access. When the Vocera Extension field is filled in, the Desk Phone or Extension field is used only for forwarding.

Dynamic extensions are artificial telephone numbers that Vocera associates with users automatically, on an as-needed basis, if they need a number to enable a paging call-back on badges or smartphones. You can use dynamic extensions in either of the following situations:

For information about configuring dynamic extensions, see the Vocera Telephony Configuration Guide.

Note: The Data Check page of the Administration Console lets you check whether users have been assigned the same Vocera extension. For more information, see Checking Data.