Basic User Information

The User Information page of the Add/Edit User dialog box (or the corresponding fields in the data-loading template) lets you specify basic information about a user such as a user name, user ID, and password, as well as accounting information such as an employee ID and cost center ID.

Table 1. Basic user information fields
Field Maximum Length Description
First Name, Last Name 50

Enter the user's First Name and Last Name in the corresponding fields.

The name must start with a letter or digit. It must contain only letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes ('), underscores (_), or dashes (-). No other characters are allowed.

By default, the speech recognition system uses the names you enter to recognize users. If people refer to a user by something other than the name you enter here, provide an Alternate Spoken Name in the Speech Recognition tab.

User ID


Enter a User ID that is not already assigned to another user on the system, being careful to choose a name that you and the user can easily remember. The user ID is not case-sensitive.

The User ID must contain only letters, digits, spaces, periods (.), underscores (_), or dashes (-). No other characters are allowed. It must not begin or end with a space.

Note: You must have System Administrator or Tiered Administrator permissions to change or enter the User ID.

Employee ID


Optionally use the Employee ID field to specify a unique value that identifies a Vocera user.

Note: You must have System Administrator or Tiered Administrator privileges to change or enter the Employee ID.



Optionally enter a Password of five to 25 characters for the user, and re-enter the password to make sure you typed it correctly. Letters, digits, spaces, periods, dashes (-), asterisks (*), and underscore characters (_) are allowed. The password is case-sensitive.

If Vocera authentication is used, the password is required for tiered administrators, and Staff Assignment users. It is not required to access the User Console.

If Active Directory authentication is enabled for the Vocera Voice Server, the Vocera password is not required.

If you have specified an Initial User Password on the Passwords page of the System screen, Vocera automatically adds it to a profile that has a blank password after you save the profile. Initial user passwords do not affect existing user profiles, only profiles that you create after specifying the initial password.

Note: This field does not appear in the data-loading template.

Email Address


Enter the user's email address to take advantage of these features:
  • Other users can send voice messages from their badges to this user's email inbox. Vocera sends voice messages to an email address as .WAV file attachments. Users can listen to these messages with the Windows Media Player and other players.

  • The Vocera system administrator can send the user an email from the Administration Console with instructions on how to install and configure Vocera Connect.

  • The Vocera system administrator can integrate the user with Vocera Messaging Platform (VMP). If so, enter a unique email address. Otherwise, theVMP Server will not synchronize the user successfully.

Note: To enable email features, you must also configure the settings on the Email page of the Administration Console.



Use the Site field to specify the user's home site. In the Add/Edit User dialog box, click the Select button to open the Select Site dialog box, then choose a name from the list and click Finish.

  • If your organization has multiple sites connected to the same Vocera server, choose the home site that represents the user's physical location.

  • If your organization does not have multiple sites, accept the default Global setting. When working in the data-loading template, leave this field blank to accept Global.

Cost Center


Optionally specify a value in the Cost Center field.

A cost center ID lets Vocera track system usage by users and potentially allows an organization to charge for relative usage.

Badge ID


Enter the MAC address of the user's badge in the Badge ID field as follows:

  • If the system-wide setting Login/Logout Voice Commands is enabled, you do not need to enter the Badge ID, because it will be entered automatically when the user logs in.

  • If Login/Logout Voice Commands is disabled, use the Info menu on the badge to find the Badge MAC address, and enter this address in the Badge ID field. The MAC address of a badge is also printed near the bottom of the white label under the battery.

Temporary User


Optionally allows you to create a temporary Vocera user account. The first message sweep that occurs after midnight on the expiration date automatically removes a temporary user account.

You should always delete user accounts that are not necessary. When a temporary user expires, Vocera deletes all information about the user from the database, simplifying maintenance for the system administrator.

Note: This field does not appear in the data-loading template.

Expiration Date


Specifies the last full day that a temporary user account is available. The first message sweep that occurs after midnight on this date automatically removes the temporary user. This field is required if you check the Temporary User field.

When a temporary user account expires, all information about the user is removed from the Vocera database, and the user can no longer log in.

Select an expiration date by clicking the calendar icon to the right of the field, or type the date in the field. If you type the date, use the correct date format:

United States: mm/dd/yyyy
Other locales: dd/mm/yyyy