Uploading Badge Logs

You can select a currently connected badge on the Devices page, and then click the Upload Logs button to upload the badge's logs to the Vocera Voice Server. Uploading the Badge log through the Administration Console is more convenient than using the badge's configuration menus to upload logs.

When you upload badge logs, the files are assembled into a single .tar.gz file in the \vocera\logs\BadgeLogCollector\uploads directory on the Vocera Server. The format of the filename is DATETIME-USERNAME-BADGEMAC-udd.tar.gz.

To upload badge logs:

  1. Click Devices in the navigation bar to display the Add, Edit, and Delete Devices page.
  2. Click to select the Vocera device. Select only device at a time.
    Note: The badge you select must be currently connected to the Vocera Voice Server.
  3. Click Upload Logs.
  4. Click OK.