Updating Property Files for a Cluster

The following files define properties for the Vocera Voice Server, and the Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway.

These files provide default values that are appropriate for most installations. However, you may choose to edit these files to specify specialized behavior for your Vocera system. This is an optional configuration task that can be performed any time after installation.

To update the property files:

  1. Use a text editor to modify the property files for each Vocera Voice Server node.
    Note: If you are using the same property file on each Vocera Voice Server, you can edit one of the property files and then copy it to the other server(s).
  2. To load the updated properties.txt file, restart the Vocera Server(s).
    1. Stop and start the standby node(s). See Stopping and Restarting the Server. The standby node(s) automatically perform a remote restore.
    2. After remote restore is completed on the standby node(s), force a failover on the active node by choosing Cluster > Failover in the Vocera Control Panel.
  3. To load the updated vgwproperties.txt, restart the Vocera Telephony Gateway server(s). If you have multiple telephony servers:
    1. Stop and start one server at a time.
    2. Wait until the telephony server has started before stopping and then starting the next telephony server in the array until all telephony servers have been restarted.