Special Permissions

The following table summarizes the special permissions:

Table 1. Special permissions
Special Permission Description

Locate Users or Group Members

Grants permission to issue commands such as “Where is Melissa Schaefer?” to find the physical location of a user or group member.

This feature is useful only if location names have been defined and access points have been assigned to locations. See Locations.

Have VIP Status

Grants permission to complete a call even when users are blocking calls or have placed their badges in Do Not Disturb mode.

The Genie tells a VIP caller that a person is not accepting calls and asks if the caller wants to break through. If the answer is “Yes,” the call is connected. If the answer is “No,” the call is treated as an unanswered call.

Block and Accept Calls

Grants permission to issue the Block and Accept voice commands to perform selective call screening.

Beginning users who are granted this permission may unintentionally block calls when all they need is temporary use of the DND button. You should enable these commands for advanced users only.

This permission does not affect the ability to block calls through the User Console.

Access Vocera Anywhere Using Caller ID

Grants permission to call the Vocera hunt number from a phone and access the Genie using a caller ID associated with the phone. The caller's ID is matched against a user's desk phone number or cell phone number in the Vocera database.