Tiered Administrators

Tiered administrators have permission to perform some of the maintenance duties typically handled by system administrators. As with system administrators, tiered administrators acquire permissions to manage the database from membership in one or more groups.

Like all Vocera permissions, tiered administration permissions are cumulative—that is, you can assign multiple permissions to the same group and users can accumulate multiple permissions by membership in multiple groups. See Accumulating Permissions.

You can set up multiple groups of tiered administrators, creating tiers of access capabilities to further distribute maintenance. For example, you can assign one group the View Users and Groups permission, assign another group both the View Users and Groups and the Add/Edit/Delete Users permissions, and assign a third group all the tiered administration permissions.

Tiered administrators log in to the Administration Console with their own user IDs and passwords. Depending on their permissions, these administrators can see different sections of the Administration Console, and they may not be able to modify all that they can see. Tiered administrators must have a password to access the Administration Console.

The following table lists the Administration Console screens that are visible with each permission and summarizes the capabilities that each permission grants:

Table 1. Tiered administration permissions


Visible Sections


Add/Edit/Delete Users


Add, edit, and delete users and all features of user profiles except group membership.

Edit Users


Edit all features of existing user profiles except group membership.

Add/Edit/Delete Temporary Users


Add, edit, and delete temporary users and all features of their profiles except group membership.

Add/Edit/Delete Address Book Entries

Address Book

Add, edit, and delete address book entries.

View Users and Groups

Status Monitor, Users, Groups, Reports, and Address Book

Monitor user and group activity, view their profiles, and generate lists of them in reports. Also view information about address book entries.

Perform System Device Management

Status Monitor, Devices

Add, edit, and delete device data, including device status values, for all sites. Also view the Badge Status Monitor and Device Status Monitor to display information about logged in users and devices that have been assigned to groups.

If a tiered administrator is also a member of a group with management capabilities, that administrator can view the Groups page through the Administration Console and perform both group management and tiered administrator tasks.

The combination of group management capabilities and tiered administrator permissions can be very effective, because group managers are able to perform a separate range of tasks that you often want tiered administrators to perform, such as adding and removing group members.

See Group Managers for complete information about group management tasks.