Changing the Vocera Voice Server IP Address

The Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway, and Vocera Client Gateway need to know the IP address(es) of the Vocera Voice Server. You enter this IP address(es) when you install the software. However, you can use the Vocera Control panel to change the address.

To change the Vocera Voice Server IP address used by the server:

  1. In the Vocera Control Panel, choose Server > IP Address(es).
    The IP Address dialog box appears.
  2. Use the Server IP Address field to provide the address of the Vocera Server.

    Enter the numeric IP address using dot notation. For example:

    For a Vocera Voice Server cluster, enter a comma-separated list of IP addresses. For example:,,

  3. Click OK.
    The dialog box closes, and the server begins using the new Vocera Voice Server IP address immediately.