Changing the SSL Configuration

After installation, you can enable or disable SSL by running the Update SSL and Connector Settings utility. If you enable or disable SSL, you do not need to restart the server as in previous releases.

Enabling SSL on the Vocera Voice Server affects how Vocera Messaging Platform and clients connect to the server. If you enable SSL, there is additional configuration required to allow Vocera Messaging Platform and some clients, such as Cisco wireless IP phones and Vocera smartphones, to connect to the Vocera Voice Server;. For details, see the following manuals:
  • Vocera Messaging Platform Administration Guide

  • Vocera Connect for Cisco Deployment Guide

  • Vocera Smartphone Configuration Guide

Important: If you are changing the SSL configuration on a Vocera Voice Server cluster, you should update the standby nodes before updating the active node. Update one standby node at a time. After you restart the server and the Vocera Control Panel finishes starting, wait until the status indicator displays the Standby status and a blue icon before updating the next standby node. When all the standby nodes have been updated, update the SSL configuration on the active node of the cluster. When you restart the active node, it will automatically failover to a standby node, causing only a brief outage.

To enable or disable SSL:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, launch the Update SSL utility by clicking Update SSL and Connector Setting icon. The Update SSL utility (Update Tomcat Settings) appears which displays Tomcat server settings.
    Warning: Do not update the default Tomcat settings without contacting Vocera Technical Support.
  2. To enable SSL, select the checkbox next to Enable SSL. To disable SSL, simply deselect the checkbox.
    When you click Enable SSL, the Apache2 and Tomcat services are stopped and restarted with the necessary registry entries and shortcuts updated.
  3. If you have a cluster installation, follow the previous steps to enable or disable SSL on every other machine in the cluster.
    Tip: Make sure you update the active node last.
  4. If you change the SSL settings for Vocera Voice Server and also have Vocera Messaging Platform, make sure the VMP Server is properly configured to connect with the Vocera Voice Server. In the VMP Administrator, reconfigure options under System Options > Integrations > Vocera Voice, and then restart the server. See the Vocera Messaging Platform Administration Guide for details.

All changes made by the Update SSL utility are saved to a log file named UpdateSSL.log in the voceralogs directory.