Allowing Users to Register Themselves

When you check Self Registration in the Preferences page of the System tab in the Administration Console, people can use the User Console to add themselves to the Vocera system. Each person who registers is given one of the available user licenses.

  1. Specify permissions for the “Everyone” group and the defaults that you want to assign to all users. After users register, they can change their announcement settings and other options.
  2. Enable Self Registration on the Preferences page. To do this, click System in the navigation bar, click the Preferences tab, and then check Self Registration.
  3. Assign the user IDs yourself. To make user IDs more predictable, it is best to give users the user IDs you want them to have, rather than allow them to create user IDs themselves.
  4. Give new badge users the User Console URL, and tell them to click the Register button.
    The User Console URL is http://vocera_machine_name/console/index.jsp, where vocera_machine_name is the name or IP address of the Vocera server.
  5. Tell users that all names they enter in the User Console must begin with a letter or digit. They must contain only letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes ('), underscores (_), or dashes (-). No other characters are allowed.