VSP High Availability

For best results when implementing a high-availability solution using multiple instances of VSP, implement a round-robin solution with online-offline status using a load balancer.

If you are implementing the Vocera Smartphone Proxy in a high-availability solution, these tests will be of use to you.

<serverid> is the VSP IP address or domain name. The interval between tests using http://<serverid>/WIC?query=test should be identical to the timeout interval on the VSP (this is normally 30 seconds).

If two consecutive queries fail on a particular instance of VSP:

http://<serverid>/WIC?query=test queries should continue. If a query passes, this instance of VSP is again functional and can be considered online. The load balancer should redistribute loading to this VSP instance.

Note: Optional smartphone URL filtering on the external load balancer can reduce loading on the VSP instances.