Modifying Your On-Call Status

If you are a member of an On-Call Distribution List, a published schedule can be used to determine when you are on call. This schedule automatically sets your on-call status.

  1. Open the VMP Web Console from your Web browser.
  2. Click On-Call . This icon appears only if you have access to On-Call Distribution Lists.
  3. In the On-Call Lists pane, click My Status. A list of the Distribution Lists to which you belong is displayed, along with your on-call status for each.
  4. For the Distribution List for which you want to change your on-call status, click your current status. A list of options appears.
  5. Change your status to one of the following:
    • On-Call - Receive messages sent to the list.
    • Monitor - Receive message sent to the list, but a response is not expected even when a message requires one.
    • Not On-Call - Do not receive messages sent to the list.
Tip: Select Monitor to receive messages sent to the list without the expectation of a response or action for the message. A shift manager might find it useful to monitor the shift and ensure that messages are handled appropriately.