Modifying Any On-Call Status

You can modify the on-call status of any user in a Distribution List.

  1. Open the VMP Web Console from your Web browser.
  2. Click On-Call . This icon appears only if you have access to On-Call Distribution Lists.
  3. In the On-Call Lists pane, click the Distribution List that you want to update. A list of users is displayed, along with their on-call status.
  4. For the user whose on-call status you want to change, click the user's current status. A list of options appears.
  5. Change the user's status to one of the following:
    • On-Call - Receive messages sent to the list.
    • Monitor - Receive messages sent to the list, but a response is not expected even when a message requires one.
    • Not On-Call - Do not receive messages sent to the list.
    Note: At least one user in the Distribution List must have a status of On-Call at all times.

    If you do not want to update a user's on-call status, tap the list name at the top left of the screen to return to the list of users.

  6. Repeat the above step until all users have had their on-call status changed as needed.