Logging into the VMP Administrator

To use the VMP Administrator, you must first log into it.

  1. Open the VMP Administrator.
  2. Select Start > All Programs > VMP > VMP Administrator.

    The VMP Login dialog appears.

    Note: The Credentials type radio buttons appear only if the VMP Server has been configured to allow logging in using Active Directory credentials. See Configuring VMP for Active Directory for more information.
  3. If the Credentials type radio buttons are available, select one of the following:
    Credentials Type Description
    Active Directory Select this option to log in using your Active Directory credentials.
    VMP system

    Select this option to log in using your VMP system credentials if you have been authorized to do so.

    See Adding Users Manually for details on setting the Enable PC Admin Console Access option to authorize user access to the VMP Administrator.

  4. Enter the Login and Password, and click OK.

If you are the system administrator and are logging into the VMP Administrator for the first time:

Note: To exit the VMP Administrator, select Exit from the File menu.