Linking VMP with the WCTP Source

To link users with a WCTP source, a user must be created to support WCTP. This user account will send the messages.

  1. Start the VMP Administrator.
  2. Select Users & Groups > Users .
  3. Click to highlight the Partner Alerts entry, and click Edit .
  4. Specify a name that is relevant for your deployment. This is the name that appears as the sender for messages sent via WCTP.
    Note: To synchronize this user with the WCTP source, set the Pager ID field for this user to match the WCTP Source senderID.
  5. Click Next, and click Finish.
  6. Select Configuration > System Options .
  7. Scroll down to the Default Subject for 3rd Party Integrations entry, change the subject line as appropriate for your deployment, and click OK.

If a WCTP message starts with the text Subject:, VMP uses the rest of the line containing this text as the subject field for the message. VMP then skips one empty line and extracts the remaining data as the body of the message.

The following is a simple example of a WCTP XML payload that overrides the default subject:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE wctp-Operation SYSTEM "">
<wctp-Operation wctpVersion="wctp-dtd-v1r1">
      <wctp-SubmitHeader submitTimestamp="2010-03-31T01:00:56">
         <wctp-Originator senderID=""
         <wctp-MessageControl messageID="5345-21" transactionID="5345-21"
            allowResponse="false" notifyWhenDelivered="false"
            deliveryPriority="HIGH" preformatted="true"/>
         <wctp-Recipient recipientID="12345"/>
         <wctp-Alphanumeric>Subject: This is a subject.
         This is a message body</wctp-Alphanumeric>