Installing the VMP Server on the Second Node of a Cluster

After you have installed the VMP Server on the first node of a cluster, you can use the configuration file from this node when installing on the second node of the cluster.

  1. Create the VMP installation folder for the VMP Server. By default, the path is:
    \Program Files\Wallace\WIC
  2. Locate the copy of the server configuration file, WIC.config, that you created when installing the VMP Server on the first node of the cluster. Copy this file to the VMP installation folder that you have just created.
  3. Turn off the IIS World Wide Publishing Service. See Installing the VMP Server for instructions on how to do this.
  4. Execute the VMP setup file.
  5. Accept the License Agreement, and click Next.
  6. In the Software Type dialog, select VMP Server and Administrator, and click Next.
  7. In the Install Location field, enter the path of the installation directory into which you copied the WIC.config file. Click Install.
  8. At the Create VMP Database Wizard prompt, confirm that the SQL Server name is correct.
    Note: The SQL Server name is supplied by the WIC.config file that you copied.
  9. Select the Sql Server Authentication radio button, and enter the SA Login and Password. Click Next.
  10. When prompted, click OK to upgrade the database.
  11. Leave the SQL Account Configuration page unchanged and click Next.
    Note: The account configuration information is supplied from the WIC.config file that you copied. Do not change this information.
  12. Complete the VMP System Setting dialog and all subsequent steps in the Create VMP Database Wizard as described in Installing the VMP Server.