Importing Vocera Voice Server Contacts

If you plan to integrate the VMP Server with a Vocera Voice Server, you must import the Vocera Voice Server contacts into the VMP Server.

Note: See Vocera Voice Server Integration for information on integrating the VMP Server with a Vocera Voice Server.
Important: Before beginning a Vocera Voice Server import, make sure each user email address is entered on the Vocera Voice Server. The email address is used to match VMP source users from other imports and prevent duplicate user entries. Make sure the paging field in the Vocera Voice Server user profile is blank. This field is mapped on the VMP Server.
  1. Start the VMP Administrator:
    All Programs >VMP>VMP Administrator
  2. Type admin in the VMP Login dialog, and click OK.
  3. Select Users & Groups > Users .
  4. Click the Synchronization icon in the Users view.
  5. In the Reconfigure/Synchronize only window, select Yes, reconfigure settings. Click Next.
  6. Configure the Automatic synchronization options.
  7. In the User Synchronization dialog, click the Add primary source with users icon (under Sources).
  8. Select Vocera from the Source type dropdown list, and click OK. This selection auto-populates the Title field. You can accept the default title or customize the title.
    Note: If you have multiple connections, you must repeat this step for each connection.
  9. Set Import departments as groups to Yes if you want to import Vocera Voice Server departments into the VMP Server as VMP groups.
    Note: The availability of this feature depends on the Vocera Voice Server version that you have installed.
  10. The Vocera Voice Server source is now configured. Make sure it is highlighted, and click Next in the User Synchronization dialog.
  11. The Field Mapping dialog allows for basic field mapping from the Vocera Source to the VMP user contact. Define the field mappings for your deployment, and click Next.
  12. The synchronization script generated by the import wizard options is revealed in a script dialog box. Use the scroll bar to review the script and click Close.
  13. Select the users to be updated, or select Check All to automatically select all users for this update.
  14. To specify that a user imported using this script is to be given access to the VMP Administrator, select the Admin Access checkbox.
  15. To specify that a user imported using this script is to be given access to the VMP Web Console, select the Web Access checkbox.
  16. Click Next.
  17. Select Export Address Book Entries to Vocera to export a CSV file containing a list of the VMP users that do not have a Vocera ID. You can use this file to create address book entries in the Vocera Voice Server. See Exporting Address Book Entries to the Vocera Voice Server for more information on this capability.

    Click Finish to continue.

  18. The synchronization script runs. When the sync is complete, click OK to close the successful sync dialog, and click Close to close the script window.