Granting Group Access

You can specify that items such as content, Messaging Templates, and Distribution Lists are to be made accessible to a group.

  1. From the VMP Administrator, select Users & Groups > Groups .
  2. In the Groups pane, highlight the group with which you want to associate items.
  3. In the pane at the right, click the tab corresponding to the item that you want to make accessible. For example, click Content to make content accessible to the group.
  4. Click Add .
  5. From the list of available items, highlight the item to be made accessible.
  6. To grant additional permissions, click any or all of the following checkboxes:
    • Allow update

    • Allow delete

    • Allow manage access

    • Visible on device by default

  7. Click OK.
Note: To change the permissions for any item that has been made accessible, highlight the item, click Manage access , and click any or all of the permissions checkboxes.

To make an item inaccessible, highlight the item, click Remove , and click Yes to confirm that you want to remove access to the item.

To refresh the list of available content in the Content tab, click Refresh .