Granting Users Scheduling Permissions

Users must be provided permission to create and manage schedules in the VMP Web Console. Use the following steps to assign scheduling permissions to a user.

  1. Start the VMP Administrator:
    All Programs > VMP Administrator
  2. Select Users & Groups > Users .
  3. Click to highlight the desired user, and click User Preferences > User Rights .
  4. In the Right Groups pane, select Custom permissions.
  5. In the Edit Rights dialog box, select the Manage schedules checkbox. This user right allows the user to create schedules and to edit the schedules that he or she has created.
    Note: If Manage schedules has already been selected and cannot be changed, this user has already been granted the right to manage schedules as part of a Right Group. See Editing User Rights for more details.
  6. In the Edit Rights dialog box, select the Manage all schedules checkbox to allow this user to edit all schedules that anyone has created.
  7. Click OK to finish editing user rights.
Note: The default administrator always has permission to access schedules. At least one user must be given permission to manage schedules.