Frequently Asked Questions

This provides answers to commonly occurring problems.

Why am I having issues viewing the VMP Web Console in Internet Explorer (IE) 9?

  1. The VMP Web Console URL must be added to the list of trusted sites to work correctly from Internet Explorer 9 or later. For instructions about adding a site to the trusted site list, see: Microsoft Community - Internet Explorer Question, "How do I add a site to my "trusted sites" list? If you log into your computer using an Active Directory interface, and therefore do not need to log in to the VMP Web Console to use it, the VMP Web Console URL must be part of the local intranet.
  2. To provide the best possible experience while using the VMP Web Console, make sure that you have the Internet Explorer browser set to compatibility mode:
    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Press F12.
    3. Select Browser Mode and ensure it is set to Internet Explorer 9. If you are using a newer browser, set Browser Mode to Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility View.
    4. Select Document Mode and set it to IE 9 Standards.

Why am I seeing a Fail to Listen error in the logs when the Vocera Data Exchange Service is started?

If your logs list the following error when the Vocera Data Exchange Service is started, another application on the VMP Server is running on port 80:

Failed to listen on prefix 'http://*:80/' because it conflicts with an existing registration on the machine.

In most cases, this error occurs because the IIS Service is using port 80. Turn off the IIS World Wide Web Publishing option as described in Installing the VMP Server the Vocera Messaging Platform Administration Guide.

My server is no longer pushing communications to iOS devices. What happened?

The APNS certificate must be updated annually. Check with your technical account manager to determine if your certificate requires an update.

For details on how to update an APNS certificate, see Updating the APNS Certificate.

Where can I locate the VMP Server logs?

On the VMP Server, locate the drive that VMP is installed on (the default is the C drive), and browse to the following folder:

Program Files/Wallace/WIC/Logs