VMP Server Log Files

The VMP Server log files provide information on all actions performed by the VMP Server. This can be useful if an unexpected error occurs.

The server log files are stored in the WIC\Logs subfolder of the folder in which the VMP Server is installed. By default, this is C:\Program Files\Wallace\WIC\Logs.

You can use the VMP Enterprise Manager to specify what message levels are to appear in log files.

  1. From the VMP Server, start the VMP Enterprise Manager.
    Start > All Programs > VMP > VMP Enterprise Manager
  2. Select Configuration , and scroll down to the Logging section.
  3. Click in the Value column of the Limit log messages to VMP Log File field. From the dropdown list that appears, select one of the following:
    Table 1. Logging options
    Option Description
    Do not log Do not write to the log files.
    Write all events Keep a record of all VMP Server events.
    Warnings and Errors Write only warnings and errors to the log files.
    Errors Write only errors to the log files.
  4. Click Save to save your change.
Important: In a live environment, you should not set Limit log messages to VMP Log File to Write all events and set Enable extended communication logging to true, as this may cause patient-sensitive data to be written to the log files. (The Enable extended communication logging setting appears when you click Advanced Options.)

In the event of a failover scenario, the VMP Server log files include a log entry describing the failover to a standby server and the startup details for the new active node. For more information on clustered environments and failover, see Vocera Messaging Platform Failover.