Enforcing SSL on the VMP Server

From the VMP Administrator, you can enforce that all communications between the VMP Server and VMP clients are to use SSL. This ensures that all communications are securely encrypted.

Note: The use of SSL can be enforced during the installation of the VMP Server. See Installing the VMP Server for details.

If you are updating a previously installed VMP Server to enforce the use of SSL, all existing VMP clients that are not using SSL must re-register to use the VMP Server, as the connection protocol used by a client is specified when the client is registered.

Before you can enforce SSL use, you must configure a SSL certificate. For details, see Configuring the VMP Server For Secure Connections.

  1. Start the VMP Administrator.
  2. Select Configuration > System Options
  3. In the System Options dialog box, scroll to the Security section and click in the right column of the Enforce SSL for Smartphone connections row.
  4. From the dropdown list that appears, select Yes.
  5. Click OK.