Editing User Information

For any user, you can edit the information, device registration, and list of applications to which access has been granted.

  1. From the VMP Administrator, select Users & Groups > Users .
  2. In the Users pane, click the name of the user whose information is to be edited.
  3. In the toolbar, click Edit . The End-User Settings window appears.
  4. Edit the end-user settings as needed. For more information on the fields in the End-User Settings pane, see Adding and Deleting Users Manually.
  5. Click Next. The Push Technology and Licensing window appears.
  6. To enable or disable mobile device access, select or clear the Enable checkbox. If Enable is selected, you can change the device type by selecting from the Device type dropdown list, or change the registration information by entering new text in the fields provided.
  7. From the Enforce App PIN dropdown list, select one of the following:
    Follow System Settings Use the setting defined in the Enforce App PIN configuration option, which is set in the VMP Administrator. VMP Server configuration options. This is the default. This option displays the current system setting, which is one of Off, On, or Shared.
    Enforce PIN Enforce the use of an application-level PIN for this user.
    Do Not Enforce PIN Do not require this user to provide an application-level PIN, even if a PIN is normally required.
    Note: If you select Enforce PIN, this user will not be able to set a PIN if they registered by email or using a registration key and do not have either a valid VMP Server username and password or a valid Active Directory username and password.
  8. In the VMP Applications On Device pane, to grant or deny access to a VMP application, select or clear the checkbox next to the application name.
  9. Click Finish to finish editing the user information.