Editing User Rights

In the VMP Administrator, you can specify the rights that are to be granted to any user on the system.

You can also assign a user to one or more Right Groups. Each Right Group grants a specific set of user rights.
  1. From the VMP Administrator, select Users & Groups > Users .
  2. In the Users pane, click the name of the user for which user rights are to be edited.
  3. In the toolbar, from the User preferences dropdown list, select User rights. The Edit Rights dialog box appears.
  4. In the Right Groups pane, click a Right Group. The rights associated with the Right Group appear in the Rights pane. To grant these rights to the user, select the checkbox next to the Right Group. Repeat this for other Right Groups as needed.
  5. To grant custom permissions without selecting a Right Group, click Custom permissions to display a list of rights in the Rights pane. Select the checkboxes of the rights that you want to grant.
    Note: Rights that have been granted by assigning a user to a Right Group are already selected, and cannot be changed in this way.
  6. Click OK to finish granting rights to the selected user.