Creating a Contacts Distribution List

Use the following steps to create a Contacts Distribution List.

  1. Select the Contacts module, and select Distribution Lists .
  2. Select New from the Distribution List - Contacts view.
  3. In the Distribution List name field, enter the name of the new Contacts Distribution List.
  4. If sites have been defined, use the Site dropdown list to select the site for this Contacts Distribution List.
    Note: Sites are available if they have been created on the Vocera Voice Server with which the VMP Server has been integrated. See Vocera Voice Server Integration for more information on integrating with the Vocera Voice Server.
  5. Select the Hidden checkbox if the Contacts Distribution List is to remain hidden. The contacts that are members of this list remain accessible.
  6. In the Distribution List Fields pane, select the fields to display on the client.
    Tip: Click Select All to add all available fields.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select the Contact Source in Searches.
  9. Select from the following options:
    Table 1. Contact source options
    Option Description
    Use all contacts

    Automatically add all source contacts to the list.

    Explicit Selection

    Manually choose the source contacts for the list.

    Active Directory OU's

    If the source is imported from Active Directory, you can choose to add Organization Units.


    Filter for contact to add based on contact fields.

    Tip: Filter for contacts with crucial fields (mobile phone, email address, etc.) to ensure you are adding only contacts with these fields populated.
  10. Click Next to display the Group Assignment pane.
  11. Choose the users and groups who have access to the Distribution List and click Finish.