Creating an Escalation Distribution List

Use Escalation Distribution Lists to improve message response times by forwarding the message through a defined escalation workflow.

For each list, one or more branches of groups or users are defined. When a message is sent to the list, it is sent to the first branch. If no one in the first branch responds in the specified time, the message is escalated to the next branch. It is then escalated to additional branches if necessary.
  1. Open the VMP Administrator application and select Messaging > Distribution Lists .
  2. Click New and select New Escalation Distribution List.
  3. In the Distribution List Name field, enter the name of the new DL.
  4. In the Distribution List ID field, enter the ID of the new DL.
    Note: When a message is initiated by an external system such as email or WCTP, VMP uses this ID to determine the DL to which the message is to be sent.
  5. Use the Delivery Route dropdown list to select from one of the following options:
    Table 1. Delivery route options
    Option Description
    Deliver to all users Deliver to all DL members.
    Deliver only to Vocera Users who are present on the Wi-Fi network. Messages sent to the DL are delivered only to active members who are currently logged onto the Vocera Voice Server and are not in DND mode.
  6. Next, create the branches for the Escalation Distribution List:
    1. Click New to add a New Branch to the Escalation Distribution List. Each branch contains one set of users to be contacted. If the response criteria are not met, the Escalation Distribution List escalates to the next branch.
    2. In the New Branch dialog box, type in the Search field to display only users whose names contain the search string. Click Clear to clear the search string.
    3. Filter the selection criteria using one of the following options:
      • All
      • Users
      • Distribution Lists
      Note: If a search string has been specified, only users whose names contain the search string are listed.
    4. Click to highlight a user, and then click > to move the user to the new branch of the Escalation Distribution List. You can click to highlight one or many users. To move all users to the new branch, click >>.
    5. Use the Criteria dropdown list to specify the response criteria. If these criteria are not met, the message is escalated. The available response criteria are:
      • At least one user(s) delivered
      • At least one user(s) opened
      • At least one user(s) responded
      • All users delivered
      • All users opened
      • All users responded
    6. Set the timeout value and click OK to continue.
    7. Repeat these steps as necessary to create additional branches.
  7. Click Next. The Group Assignment window appears, which lets specific users and groups access the DL.
  8. Click the Users tab to add a user to the access list, or click Groups to add a group:
    1. Click to display a list of users or groups.
    2. Select one or more users or groups from the list.
    3. Click OK to add the users or groups to the list.
    4. Repeat the above steps to add additional users or groups.
  9. Click Finish to create the DL.