Configuring Vocera Messaging Platform Failover

Use these steps to create a DNS round robin clustered VMP Server with a secondary IP address associated with the main server hostname.

A Load Balancer is used to redirect traffic to the node of the cluster that is currently active. The DNS entry or IP address of the Load Balancer serves as the point of contact for the outside world. If the primary VMP Server fails, the Load Balancer redirects traffic from the primary server to the secondary server.

In the event of a failover, the VMP services must be manually re-started for the application to function. The data exchange service is restarted on the secondary node.

  1. Add the IP address for each node as the VMP hostname on the DNS server.
  2. If your network is using non-standard ports, configure the network port information.
    1. Start the VMP Enterprise Manager, and select Configuration .
    2. Enter the network port information.
    3. Click Save. When prompted, click OK to restart the Vocera Data Exchange Service.
    If DNS fails over to the secondary node, the required VMP services must be restarted. The secondary failover should also be pre-configured to point to the correct SQL database. For details about post-failover tasks, see Post Failover Configuration.