Configuring VMP for Message Email Integration

Use the following steps to configure VMP to send messages using email.

Note: For email messages, the VMP Server supports Plain Text format only. The email body must be in XML format.
  1. Start the VMP Administrator and select:
    Configuration > System Options
  2. Scroll to Integrations > Email.
  3. From the Enable Secure Message Initiation dropdown list, select Yes.
  4. In the Secure Message Initiation - Incoming Mail section, configure the following settings as appropriate for your deployment:
    Table 1. Email configuration options
    Setting Description
    Protocol Use the dropdown list to select from the following options:
    • POP3
    • IMAP4
    • Exchange Web Services
    Email Scan Interval How often the mailbox is to be polled for messages. This is measured in seconds. The default is 30 seconds.
    Initiation Permitted

    Who can initiate messages by email. This is one of the following:

    • From any email address: Anyone that can send email can initiate a message.
    • From VMP users only: Only registered VMP users can initiate a message.
    Email Username The username associated with the mailbox that the VMP Server is to monitor.
    Email Password The password for the mailbox username.
    Confirm Email Password The password for the mailbox username (repeated).
    Delete Email Once Processed How often theVMP Server will remove emails from the monitored mailbox. This is one of the following:
    • Immediately: The VMP Server deletes the email immediately after it has been converted to a message.
    • Once/Day: The VMP Server deletes all processed emails that are older than 24 hours.
    • Never: The VMP Server never deletes any email. Select this setting only if email is deleted by another process or person.
  5. Scroll back to System and Networking > Email.
  6. Set Enable Outgoing Email to Yes. This ensures that delivery and response updates can be sent back to the email initiator.
  7. Configure the following settings:
    Table 2. Outgoing email configuration options
    Setting Description
    Display Name The name to use when sending email.
    Email Address The email address from which email is to be sent.
    SMTP Server The SMTP server to use for outgoing email.
    SMTP Port The port to use for outgoing email.
    SMTP Authentication Whether to use SMTP authentication. If this is set to Yes, additional fields appear in which you must enter the email username, email password, and a confirmation of the email password.