Adding Users Manually

If you want to add a user that is not included in your remote resource, you can add the user manually.

  1. From the VMP Administrator, select Users & Groups > Users .
  2. In the toolbar in the Users pane, click Add . The End-User Settings window appears.
  3. Enter the following end-user settings.
    Table 1. End-user settings
    Field Description
    First Name The first name of the user.
    Middle Name The middle name of the user (optional).
    Last Name The last name of the user.
    Title The job title for the user.
    Email The email address for the user.
    Public ID The user's public ID. This optional field can be used to identify the recipient in APIs that are supported in VMP.
    Pager ID The user's pager ID. This optional field is populated when the VMP Client Gateway API is implemented.
    Vocera ID The user's Vocera ID. This optional field is populated when the VMP Client Gateway API is implemented.
    Home Site

    The site to which the new user is to belong.

    Sites are available if they have been created on the Vocera Voice Server with which the VMP Server has been integrated. See Vocera Voice Server Integration for more information on integrating with the Vocera Voice Server.

    Profile Select from this dropdown list to associate the user with a group profile. See Group Profiles for more information on group profiles.
    Enable PC Admin Console Access Select this checkbox to allow the user to access the VMP Administrator.
    Enable Web Console Access Select this checkbox to allow the user to access the VMP Web Console. Activating this field requires you to enter authentication credentials for the user.
    AD Account If the new user has an Active Directory account, enter the account name in the AD Account field. This option appears if VMP Administrator access with Active Directory credentials is configured during installation.
    Vocera credentials To provide Vocera credentials for the new user, enter the Vocera Server login in the Login field, enter the password in the Password field, and re-enter the password in the Confirmation field.
  4. Click Next to display the Push Technology and Licensing window.
  5. To enable mobile device access, select the Enable checkbox, and select the device type from the Device type dropdown list.
  6. To register the user, type the registration information in the fields provided.
    Note: For details on how to generate a registration key and email this registration information to the user, see Sending Installation Information to User Devices.
  7. From the Enforce App PIN dropdown list, select one of the following:
    Follow System Settings Use the setting defined in the Enforce App PIN configuration option, which is set in the VMP Administrator. VMP Server configuration options. This is the default. This option displays the current system setting, which is one of Off, On, or Shared.
    Enforce PIN Enforce the use of an application-level PIN for this user.
    Do Not Enforce PIN Do not require this user to provide an application-level PIN, even if a PIN is normally required.
  8. In the VMP Applications On Device pane, select the VMP applications to which the user is to be granted access. Access can be granted to an application only if at least one unused license is available.
  9. Click Finish to finish creating the new user.