Adding a Secondary Source

When synchronizing, you can specify a secondary source that is to be linked with data in one of the sources that you have previously created. To link a secondary source with a primary source, you must specify the common key between the two sources.

  1. During synchronization, in the Remote Sources window, locate the Sources pane and click Add source with additional user info .
  2. In the Add Source With Additional User Info dialog box, supply the title, source type, and connection parameters for the new secondary source. These fields are identical to those that you provide when you are creating a primary source.

    For details on providing these fields, see one of the following, depending on the type of the secondary source that you are creating:

  3. In the Source key field, specify the secondary source field to use as the common key.
  4. In the Parent source key field, specify the primary source field to associate with the secondary source key field.
  5. Click OK to add the secondary source.