The Smartphone Proxy

To be able to support Active Directory authentication, the VMP Server must be part of the corporate network and must be connected to the domain controller. However, the VMP Server needs to be opened to external traffic, since it needs to communicate with smartphones.

For security reasons, some customers place the VMP Server into a DMZ or perimeter network. Unfortunately, this means that some VMP features, including Active Directory authentication, become unavailable. To solve this problem, the Vocera Smartphone Proxy (VSP) is included with VMP.

The VSP performs the following tasks:

The VSP can be installed in the DMZ on a separate server, and will block all traffic to the VMP Server except for authenticated smartphone traffic.

For server requirements for the VSP, see the Server Sizing Matrix.

Note: You cannot stream audio and video content to client devices if you are using the VSP to access the VMP Server, since devices are normally connected to the VSP through a cellular network.