Importing and Synchronizing Users and Contacts

The VMP Server synchronizes with other servers to import the platform user and contact base.

A user is anyone who can send or receive a message from a licensed device, from the VMP Web Console, or by email. Most users are employees who have application licenses assigned to them. Some users who generate messages but do not receive them do not need application licenses.

Contacts are parties who may or may not be part of your organization, but with whom critical and frequent communication occurs. You can think of contacts as a set of employees and non-employees who are entered into the system with one or many contact points for easy communication.

Import options include:

Attention: Each user on the VMP Server must have a unique email address or Public ID, as these fields are used as key fields. If multiple users have the same email address or Public ID, the VMP Server may not operate as expected.

If a user with the same email address or Public ID is imported from multiple sources, the VMP Server merges the information from these sources into a single VMP user entry.

Tip: Before building a user base from imported sources, plan the source field mappings needed for your environment. Field mappings can be configured for users and for contacts. For details about source field mapping, see Editing User Fields and Defining Contact Fields.
Note: Synchronize new imports with existing contacts to ensure the maintenance and update of contacts is uninterrupted and all system contacts stay up to date.