Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists (DLs) are created in the Messaging module of the VMP Administrator.

You can create the following types of DL:

The Distribution List - Users view shows a list of all available DLs.

Use this view to perform the following tasks:

Table 1. Distribution List view tasks
Task Icon Description
Create a new Regular or Escalation DL.
Edit the highlighted DL.
Delete the highlighted DL.
Manage access to the highlighted DL.
View all members of the highlighted DL.

This view includes the following fields:

Table 2. Distribution List view fields
Field Description
Name The name of the DL. On-Call and Escalation DLs are marked with a bracketed indicator of the type of list. Sort the list by name using this field.
Type Identifies the DL as Regular or Escalation. On-Call DLs are listed as regular DLs. Use this field to sort the list by Type.

The site for this DL.

Sites are available if they have been created on the Vocera Voice Server with which the VMP Server has been integrated. See Vocera Voice Server Integration for more information on integrating with the Vocera Voice Server.

Enabled for Texting Indicates messaging permissions with a Yes or No value.
Members The total number of DL members.