The Content module provides the tools to manage documents and image files that are stored on the VMP Server and can be distributed and shared with licensed devices. It can deliver floor-plans, forms, and other essential team documents.

Content is uploaded and managed by the administrator. When a file is uploaded to the VMP Server, the title and upload date are posted to the main screen of the console. VMP supports the following file types:

To support Word, Excel, and PDF, the VMP Server must have Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to properly format the documents for the device. For audio and video, all content is streamed, and client devices can play all files that are supported by their media players.

Note: Streaming audio and video cannot be played if access to the VMP Server is through the Vocera Smartphone Proxy.

The My Content view provides a list of the current documentation in the configured hierarchy.

Features of this view include:

Note: To refresh the list of available content displayed in the Content module, click Refresh .