VMP Administrator Overview

The VMP Administrator is an application that enables you to configure the VMP Server and create users and groups.

The VMP Administrator can be installed on the same computer as the VMP Server or on a separate machine. Use the VMP Administrator to:

The console includes the following modules:

Table 1. VMP Administrator modules
Module Description
Users & Groups Import, configure, and manage users.
Contacts Create and manage contacts, groups, and Contacts Distribution Lists.
Messaging Configure notification settings, create Messaging templates, and create and manage Distribution Lists.
Content Add media assets to the VMP Server for use from the client.
Reports Generate view incidents and logs, and create and send reports.
Configuration Configure wireless gateways, contact fields and source mapping, synchronization, and configure plugins.

To access a module, click its name in the left pane of the VMP Administrator window:

You can also access a module or its components from the View menu.

Note: If multiple windows are being displayed in the VMP Administrator, you can use the Window menu to control the window layout. Select one of Cascade, Tile Horizontally, or Tile Vertically to display all windows, or select a window to view. Select Close to close the window that you are viewing.