Vocera Secure Texting iPhone Client

Release Notes - Version

Updated: April 20, 2021

About VST

Welcome to the latest release of Vocera Secure Texting (VST)! The VST solution extends the power of the Vocera Communications System to physicians and care teams that are located outside the hospital. VST balances security and convenience by providing a secure, easy to use, HIPAA-compliant alternative to SMS as well as basic voice capabilities to enhance communication and collaboration. The solution integrates seamlessly with the Vocera platform, providing texting and voice capabilities across Vocera end points.

The Vocera Secure Texting solution provides the following features:

If you are logged into one of the clients or the Administration Console, you can find documentation for this version of VST at the following locations:

Product Component Where to Get Help
Within the Administration Console Choose Help > User Guide
Within the Web Client Choose Help
Within the Handheld Client Choose More > Support > User Guide

You can also access the VST documentation directly from a web browser without being logged in:


For additional product information, see also:

What's New

This section summarizes the new features in this release.

What's New in VST iPhone 2.3.1

VST 2.3.1 is a maintenance release only. It contains no new features.

What's New in VST iPhone 2.3.0

The VST 2.3.0 app introduces the following new features:


The VST iPhone app requires the following;

What's Fixed

The following list contains fixes and improvements made to the Vocera Secure Texting iPhone client.

VST iPhone 2.3.1 Fixes

VST iPhone 2.3.0 Fixes

Known Issues

This release of the VST iPhone client has the following known issues.